August 28, 2019

Project idea: First-step code challenges for applicants

At my day job, we get a lot of junior/bootcamp applicants, especially for Javascript/React positions. Some of them are awesome, some are still learning but clearly have potential, but some can’t code at all.

We started sending out some very simple coding challenges for people to do when they apply, just to give us a first gut-check on whether we should have a conversation. They’re super simple, like write a for loop kinda simple.

They send us back their answers in an email, so a dev still has to run them, change the inputs for testing, etc. So I thought, “since these are trivial, and effectively pass/fail, couldn’t this be automated?”

Obviously, the first step is to find a domain name, and thus: was born.

Well, kinda born. It’s just a landing page. I’m not sure it’ll ever be real — there’s a lot of very slick code exercise/interview sites out there. They all do a lot more than this, and aren’t cheap, but I haven’t done the work to know if there’s a niche here.

Either way, ‘twas fun to make the landing page, and I like the domain a lot.

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Taylor Campbell lives in the woods of Virginia, travels with his family, and builds things with Rails and Javascript. (Check out ProjectPoll!)