ProjectPoll - July updates

July 30, 2019

Summer brings better company admin management and new navigation 🌻

In July, I added new management features for company admins. Before, you had to clunkily add them through a project view, but now they have their own Admins section ✨.

Also, while I was in there, the old nav was bugging me — it was in a sidebar, and the hierarchy was weird. There’s top-level global nav, like Projects, Roles, Admins, plus account-level things like Subscriptions. But within a project, there’s the Reports, Questions, Team, and Settings nav items.

Up til now, when you clicked into a project, the project nav would kinda take over and mix into the global sidenav, which felt weird.

Now, there’s a two tier top nav, which feels a lot more consistent. Account links are all tucked into a dropdown, and second-level links have a consistent, tab-like structure.

Here’s how it looks now 😍

New nav

That’s about it! Next up, I’m going to work on email updates for admins. I have some ideas to make these useful, by auto-analyzing the patterns and suggesting changes, but the v1 will prob be pretty simple.

I also want to add bi-weekly/monthly survey options (vs just weekly) — this should be simple, so may come first.

If you haven’t yet, please check out ProjectPoll! I’d love to know how it’s working for your teams.

Taylor Campbell lives in the woods of Virginia, travels with his family, and builds things with Rails and Javascript. (Check out ProjectPoll!)